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What Are Backlinks? 9 Ways To Create Backlinks To Your Blog

Backlinks, also known as inbound links or incoming links, are links from other websites to your website. Getting more backlinks to your site is an off-page SEO strategy that will help you rise in the search engine rankings, as opposed to on-page SEO — things like editing your title tag, meta description, etc. so that Google knows what keywords to index your blog posts for.
When you optimize your on-page SEO elements, it helps Google understand what your blog post is all about. Google then indexes your post in its search engine with the keywords used on that post.

Even though Google may now know what your blog post is all about, it’s not going to automatically put you on page one. It’s not going to do that until your site has some authority, so you could still be far back in the rankings.
blog google page rank
When you get backlinks from other websites, it helps Google understand that your content is remarkable. Google wants to be as helpful as possible to its users, so only wants remarkable content on page one. So the more links you have coming into your site from authoritative sources, the more Google will promote you in the rankings.
blog backlink strategy
Link-building is an essential aspect of your blog’s internet marketing strategy. Some of the best link-building strategies are inherent to your blog content — the best way to get inbound links is to create stellar content that people want to link to. But there are some additional tactics that will help.

1. Create linkable content

Creating content should be your highest priority, above any of the suggestions below. Create interesting and valuable content that other people will want to link to. Here are some tips for creating content that people will be more likely to link to:
  • Use numbers (examples: “5 easy ways to” or “7 best strategies for”)
  • Start your post title with “How to”
  • Use relevant keywords people are searching for
  • Include benefit to reader (examples: “get more visitors” or “reduce costs”)
  • Be controversial (example: “Is the iPad useless?”)
  • Be specific – don’t fill your blog title with puns or try to be too clever
  • Be unique

2. Ask for links from people you know

One of the best ways to get back links when you’re first starting out is to ask people you know to link to your site from their site using a target keyword as the anchor text (the text being used as the link to your site). Here are some people you can ask:
  • Friends and family
  • Mentors (or mentees) you’ve found through Twitter
  • Customers you’ve built relationships with
  • Partners
  • Vendors

3. Guest blog on similar niche industry blogs

Guest blogging is a great way to build backlinks. In each of your guest blog posts, you can usually add anywhere from 1-3 links to your own site, whether in the content itself or in your author bio. As long as you effectively target relevant, authoritative blogs, your backlinks from these posts will get your site a lot of credit. Guest blogging is also a great way to establish yourself as an industry thought-leader and get traffic back to your blog from readers following your links.

4. Write a blog post about a fellow niche blogger

Create a blog post reviewing a blog post on another niche blog in your industry, and link back to them. They may post a reply to you in return, and include a link back to your post in which you reviewed them.

5. Interview an industry expert with a website

Interview an industry expert who has a website or blog, and then create a blog post about the industry. When the post is up, send the link to the person you interviewed, thanking them for the interview. They’ll be likely to promote the post on their own site in order to promote themselves.

6. Create a badge for other websites

The badge strategy is simple in concept: you provide an image for others to place on their site. Maybe it’s an “editor’s pick” award that someone wants to place on their blog/site to show the quality of their content. The benefit for you from a link building standpoint is that this image has a built in link (with proper ALT-text) to a page on your site. Other suggestions include:
  • Building an application that gives out a grade. People will then start placing their grade on their website or blog.
  • Offering an online certification that can be placed on the recipient’s site
  • Providing a badge to promote a contest you are hosting

7. Create a contest

Holding a contest with a useful prizes can also generate links to your site without using a badge. The prize can be a free service or a credit towards a purchase, or perhaps some form of recognition. The important thing here is to find a prize your target audience will like. Then develop the contest and spread the word and encourage people to link to it.
Once established you should consider making the contest a regular occurrence with a regular winner. This will encourage continual link building. Alternatively, you can hold the contest only once a year, hype it up and build a lot of links in one swoop.

8. Become a product reviewer

Search for opportunities to become a product reviewer. For example, sites like Amazon allow users to leave comments on most products and others, like CNET, review products themselves. You might be able to find an on-line review service in your industry, so apply to become a reviewer. In the byline of your review, you might be able to leave a link. You might also be able to have a link in your profile. This will help establish you as an expert and build links back to your blog.

9. Add links to your social media profiles

Take advantage of any SEO opportunities you have on your social media profiles to link back to your website. For example, you can link back to your website on your Facebook page info section, your Twitter profile biography, and your LinkedIn profile about section.

What is an Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlink display when linking to another document or location on the web. In the phrase "CNN is a good source of news, but I actually prefer the BBC's take on events," two unique pieces of anchor text exist for two different links - "CNN" is the anchor text pointing to, while "the BBC's take on events" points to
Search engines use this text to help determine the subject matter of the linked-to document. In the example above, the links would tell the search engine that when users search for "CNN", thinks that is a relevant site for the term "CNN" and that is relevant to "the BBC's take on events". If many sites think that a particular page is relevant for a given set of terms, that page can manage to rank well even if the terms NEVER appear in the text itself.
Link Anatomy
In the example above, "Jon Wye's Custom Designed Belts" would be the anchor text of this link.

SEO Best Practice

As search engines have matured, they have started identifying more metrics for determining rankings. One metric that stood out among the rest was link relevancy. Link relevancy is determined by both the content of the source page and the content of the anchor text. It is a natural phenomenon that occurs when people link out to other content on the web.
This is most easily understood with an example. Imagine that someone writes a blog about whiteboard markers. Ever inclined to learn more about their passion, they spend part of their day reading online what other people have to say about whiteboard markers. Now imagine that while reading on their favorite topic they find an article about the psychological effects of marker color choice. Excited, they go back to their website to blog about the article so their friends can read about it.
When they write the blog post and link to the article, they get to choose the anchor text for the link pointing at the article. They could choose something like “click here,” but more likely they will choose something that it is relevant to the article. In this case, they choose “psychological effects of marker color choice.” Someone else who links to the same article might use the link anchor text “marker color choice and the affect on the brain.”
This human-powered information is essential to modern-day search engines. The search engines can use it to determine what the target page is about and thus which queries it should be relevant for. These descriptions are relatively unbiased and produced by real people. This metric, in combination with complicated natural language processing, makes up the lion’s share of link relevancy indicators online.
Other important link relevancy indicators are link sources and information hierarchy. For example, the search engines can also use the fact that someone linked to the whiteboard marker article from a blog about whiteboard markers to supplement their algorithms understanding of the given page's relevancy. Similarly, the engines can use the fact that the original article was located at the URL to determine the high-level positioning and relevancy of the content.
Key Points:
  • If many links point to a page with the right keywords in their anchor text, that page has a very good chance of ranking well. Real examples of this include the search engine result pages for the queries, "click here" and "leave". Many of the Google results for these queries rank solely due to the anchor text of inbound links.
  • People have a tendency to link to content using the anchor text of either the domain name or the title of the page. This is an advantage to SEOs who include keywords they want to rank for in these two elements.

Importance of the First Anchor Text

SEOmoz experiments have shown that if two links are targeting the same URL, only the anchor text used in the first link is counted by Google.
First Anchor Text Counts
More recently, several webmaster have run experiments showing ways to count multiple anchor text phrases contained on the same page and pointing to the same target. This is accomplished by creating anchors on the target page and linking to those anchors using hashtags, such as the way SEOmoz links to blog post comments:

Link Wheel Service

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Today link wheel is the buzzword in website link building industry. This is one of the best ways of building links in the most natural way and Google will love your website just for that. Link wheel is certainly the most powerful way of making use of the power of multiplication to build links for your website. If you do not have the required knowledge to build links for your website through link wheel or if you do not have the required time for boosting your website's ranking through link wheel do not worry, SubmitEdge is there to assist you every step of the process. Using SubmitEdge-Link Wheel service you will be able to enhance your websites SERPs. SubmitEdge-Link Wheel provides highest quality link wheel service that stands unmatched in the industry. We have over five years of experience in the SEO industry and SEM industry. We have helped over 15,000 websites rank well in the search engines through various SEO services. Signup today for the best link wheel services.
Link Wheel is a very powerful link building concept because it tries to imitate the natural internet pattern and search engines always love natural link building. Rather than getting links from unrelated websites and dubious sources, link wheel tries to get their links from related niches on the internet. Moreover, link wheels have the ability to multiply your links count over a period of time. Previously, network websites were created in an effort to boost the ranking of particular websites but the problem with such websites were that they easily raised the suspicion because it looked very artificial as they did not follow any link wheel pattern but all of them just pointed to one website they targeted. Link building through link wheel is a refined version of network websites. It has proven to be the best link building strategy.
Understanding How a Link Wheel Works :
Link wheels are nothing but a group of websites that are interconnected which try to improve the ranking of a target website by linking to target website. For example if you have 50 websites in your link wheel and the website you are targeting is "", then:
Site 1 links to Site 2 and back to the ""
Site 2 links to Site 3 and back to the ""
Site 3 links to Site 4 and back to the ""
Site 13 links to Site 14 and back to the ""
Site 14 links to Site 1 and back to the ""

Graphical Representation of Link Wheel Plan
Click on image to enlarge is the website whose ranking we are trying to enhance here. Number of companies try to make use of Web 2.0 technology to build link wheels. They make use of platforms such as Squidoo, Quizilla, Blogger, Weebly, etc. Over a period of time such strategies started losing their popularity because they were unable to produce the desired link wheel effect. SubmitEdge on the other hand tries to approach the link wheel in a different and more powerful way. SubmitEdge has come up with a new link wheel strategy, which makes several tools and platforms rather than just single platform. We make use of Web 2.0 properties, blog posts, article submissions and press release, etc. Using the above platforms, a link wheel with a single gap is created. The gap or break within the wheel reproduces the natural linking pattern on the internet. To the search engines it will look very natural even though it is an artificially created wheel.
SubmitEdge has made a thorough research in this field and has tested several websites to ensure the effectiveness of the concept it has developed. From what SubmitEdge has learnt through its research, our link wheel strategy can never go wrong. We have the ultimate link wheel strategy for taking your website to the most vied top positions in all the major search engines.
With much development and testing, we have found this to be the ultimate link wheel strategy for getting your URL to the first page of all major search engines.

Niche Blog Review Service


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  • Today link building needs are increasing far greater than before with all the search engines counting more on the number good quality back links a website has. At SubmitEdge, we constantly upgrade our services to meet the changing SEO needs and increasing competition. One of the latest service offerings from us that will help your website get good ranking as well as improve your brand image is “Niche Blog Review Service”.
  • What is Niche Blog Review Service?

    Through this service, our expert product and service review team will write reviews about your products and services. These reviews will feature in well-established blogs, blogs with PR and good visibility. Above all, the emphasis here is to have all the reviews posted in blogs and blog networks that belong to your specific niche.
  • Why Niche Blog Review Service?

    It is a known fact that search engine algorithms review each back link that comes to your website. Not all links bear equal value, the quality of the link varies. One of the factors that affect the quality of your back links is the relevance of the pages from which your links are coming. When your links come from pages that have relevant content around it, then it will bring greater value to your link. Links from irrelevant niches will have very little value to your website.

    Secondly, blog reviews are posted in blog networks to enhance the visibility of a brand, product, service etc., to enhance its visibility levels as well as to promote the brand. Blog reviews that sound genuine will increase the trustworthiness of your products and services. When such reviews are posted in blogs that belong to your niche, their effectiveness is multiplied several times. You will get highly targeted online visibility from our niche blog review service, as we will post your reviews in highly relevant niches.

Link Baiting Service for Natural Link Building

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Link Baiting is just another new term given to "Natural & Viral Link Building"
Why Link Baiting Service?
As the online competition keeps increasing, webmasters are developing new strategies and approaches to stay on top of the search engine competition. Link baiting is one such concept in SEO. The basic idea of link baiting is to create a totally unique concept and have it circulated in highly visible media. If the content you published really has something unique, it will interest many visitors and many websites will place links to this content in their website. This will generate natural high quality back links to your website. We will ensure that your article is made available to many visitors by publishing it in highly popular social network sites. The number of high quality back links will continue to grow with time. Google will certainly notice your website because the increasing high quality back links will invite the search engine spiders. Moreover, building high quality back links this way is totally accepted by Google. Matt Cutts, one of the most respected SEO wizards, says that link baiting is a highly "search engine-friendly" SEO technique. Also, you might be surprised to see that the number of high quality back links to your website has grown dramatically in a year. Click here to see what Matt Cutts (Matt Cutts is engineer with Google and is been with Google from last 8 years) says about Link Baiting.
The million dollar question is : Where will those thousands of visitors come from? They will come from Digg,, Google, Yahoo Groups and other similar networks through our networking efforts. It is our responsibility to help you build a powerful article / blog post that you can use to attract visitors.

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"If You Want One of the Best Link Building Services Around then Let Us Ensure That Your Website is Reviewed on High Ranking, and Established Blogs. Included in This Offer is Custom Written Relevant and Original Content, Which is Tailored to Your Niche to Give You long lasting Back links."
Press Release Distribution is key to getting your website before the right audience.
Press Release Distribution to 100 PR sites, Google News, Yahoo News, 85000 Registered Journalist, 22000 Newsroom, PR Newswire and GroupWeb Network enables you to reach Global, National and Local Newspapers, Television and Radio stations, 60,000 Trade publications and over 4,000 online news sites, databases, intranets or extranets.
Press releases have been around for many years, but are only now being used in the internet-marketing world. Today, submittingpress releases over the internet is the most innovative way in which to increase your search engine ranking, gain increased online visibility for your website, and unique visitors that will add up to more sales.
Our press release optimization and submission service is designed to maximize the visibility of your press release in the news search engines and media databases. Making sure your press release is keyword searchable for the best search terms in your niche or industry is critical to its success. We analyze your release and optimize it around key search terms that increase your chances of being noticed by boosting your visibility online, and provide network distribution and technological enhancements. This ensures that your release is both high quality and high profile.
Quality press releases that are submitted according to industry guidelines get results. Period. Press attention translates into orders, and orders translate to increased profit for your business! Just being exposed to a wider audience automatically increases your online visibility, and makes you more likely to succeed.
Proper press release distribution is key to getting your release before the right audience. Our service deliberately chooses from the top outlets available to make sure your release is submitted to the best venues. We will submit your release to a variety of media contacts that we hand pick as being relevant to your product or service. Such places may include online and offline resources such as newspapers, radio and TV stations, trade magazines, ezines and internet publications.

Blog Commenting Service

If you have been looking for the most powerful link building strategy for your website to get better rankings in the search engines and to get increased online visibility, then we have the best solution for your link building needs. At SubmitEdge we offer highly effective Blog Commenting Service.

Blog commenting has proven to be one of the most effective link building strategies as it helps you get quick links to your website.
What Do We Offer Through Our Blog Commenting Service?
Our blog commenting service involves posting comments in various blogs. Our blog commenting service is not like the blog submission service offered by other companies. Other companies wait for moderator to approve the comment. Only when the comments are approved they will be publicly visible and only the approved blog comments will be available to the search engines for indexing and tracking links. With our blog commenting service you will not have to worry about moderator's approval. We offer approval of the comments. We will provide you with a complete report which will include the direct landing pages where your links are submitted. You can always cross check your linking pages and the live links.
Our blog commenting service is 100% manual. We do not make use of any software for our blog commenting service.
All the links are manually placed using experts in blog commenting. All the links will be embedded in the blog comments written by professional writers.
Each blog comment we submit will have a maximum of 25 words and they will be manually placed in blog pages with do-follow attribute using appropriate anchor link text.
We will not post direct marketing messages in the blogs as such comments will not be approved by the blog moderators. We rather make posts that are relevant to post in the chosen blogs Our short blog comments will look very natural with an interactive tone. Along with our short comments we will also include your website's links. Blog commenting is just not about making few posts with the links in the blogs. Such an approach will not get you the desired links. Successful blog commenting requires a lot of experience.
We have highly experienced blog commenting experts that know how to create comments that sound very natural and part of the discussions that are found in the blog sites. Our blog commenting services has two massive benefits. First you get the best rated links for your website because the links we get from relevant blogs will include a lot of relevant content which will add value to your website.
Secondly, there are good chances of gaining increased online visibility for your site routed through the links found in the blog comments.



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